Tuesday, May 29, 2007

red sonja...

...came out to play.

Headhigh peaks at Timbuktu.

She came alive.

Pretty sure I saw her smile...more than once.

side note: Lots & lots of sea life this past weekend. Whales...pelicans...sea lions...great whites....

board & photo courtesy of gaz
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My very first paddle out into the lineup....

...was on this board.

She belongs to the v-man's dad. He picked her up in the early 80's. She's patiently awaiting the v-man...whenever he's ready.

Roads End...fall...1990.

Didn't catch anything.

Didn't know what the hell I was doing.

Didn't care.

I was hooked.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

eat me

That's right....I got tagged.

Not exactly sure of the rules....but daddypapersurfer has issued the challenge.

My take on this....a modern day chain letter. And well.....I'll be honest....I suck at these. I always feel the need to bend the rules.

This one....involves food. My nemesis. Expect more than a bit of rule bending.

So....instead of plugging a few restaurants.....I'm going to give you my 5 favorite foods. As some know....I grew up on a small farm. We raised our own beef/chicken/eggs. Grew our own veggies & fruits. And yeah....my mom often baked from scratch. Pretty much spoils you for future slim pickings at the local market.

Okay then...without further adieu....

1. Any mouthwatering bigass piece of red meat. Preferably....filet mignon. Medium rare.

2. Tomatoes. Heirloom....but any fresh (from the garden...not those hydroponic pieces of shit) sliced tomat sprinkled with pepper will do.

3. Corn on the cob. Sweet white. Grilled. Served with fresh butter, pepper and a side of floss..... Yum!

4. My dad's meatloaf. Even better the day after as a sandwich.

5. Peaches. mmmmm...........dripping juicy goodness.....fresh from the tree.

I could add so much more....but 5 was the limit.

I think I'm supposed to tag 5 more bloggers. Unfortunately....this is where my the rules don't apply to me mentality takes over. I am going to decline to tag any fellow bloggers.


....because the majority of them are surfers.

And well....

....like you need an explanation.

Friday, May 18, 2007


...hickory dickory dock
the mouse ran up the clock
the clock struck one
the mouse ran down
hickory dickory dock...

I've been without my watch...for five days now. Inadvertently, I left it at the beach.

Aarrrgghhh.....driving me nuts.

Not only do I feel naked....but not wearing it has thrown off my stride. Without that metal monstrosity weighting down my left wrist.....my gait is completely askew. I won't even get into the fact that I haven't been able to stare at it/adjust it/fiddle with it throughout my day.

Today during my (daily) trek down the hill to the club... I tried shifting my gym bag to my left shoulder....take up some slack. But then my right shoulder felt naked. So I stuffed my right hand into my jean pocket....thinking I should keep the damn thing from flapping around like a beached bass. Christ....not a good idea. There's a reason my mother calls me grace....

Not to worry though.....I was able to avert the near fatal face plant into the cement.

Now....what time is it?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ladies & Gentlemen..........Elvis has left the building.

My yogi is on sebatical for a month. Thailand. Getting his om on.

I've been studying with nick for a couple of years now. He leads a very physical practice focusing on breath, movement, strength and balance. I leave his class on an endorphine high....calm, physically sated & sweating.

Instead of grumbling about having to break in a new instructor....I've decided to use his absence as an opportunity to expand my practice. I'm going to open my mind to the slurry of substitutes that will be heading his class while he's gone.

Who knows.....one of those subs may be the yin to his yang.

Monday, May 14, 2007


A Pre-Mother's Day cleaning spree (my usual routine) with a little v-man help made for a nice segue into Sunday. Got to hang with a few of nature's finest....whales, sealions & pelicans in the line-up. Water temp dropped below 50.....cccccccooold.

photo courtesy of gaz

Friday, May 11, 2007

humor me?


I've been perusing various blogs lately. Reading....laughing...oohing...aahing. Taking note of all the creativity that comes with humour...sarcasm...wit...art. There are a lot of truly talented typers in the world wide blogosphere. Where do they find the time?

Then....there's me....or....mine.

Pretty damn dry. Boring. Blah...

Basic black background. Simple white font. It's all rather blase. I tried adding a little color to my banner....but even that lacks pizazz. Simply put...I've always been and will always be the "plain" twin. S...always been about the hair, nails, makeup...the whole nine yards. Dressed to kill...even for a ten-minute trip to the market. Me? Chapstick (unflavored), levis and flipflops.

Sometimes...I think I should be taking queues from a few favorite reads. Crunching my creative. Cooking up tasty treats for the few & far between.

Should I go the erotic route and discuss my sex life? Teasing you with tales of things that go hum in the night? Setting up salatious stories about jaunts to my favorite E shop and the freaks that frequent the back room? Nah...I like to keep my kink in the closet. I mean really....who wants to hear about my inventory of size C batteries? Or...my weekly (failed) attempts to break the cute boy. Nobody likes a failure....and I'm certain that's a battle I don't want to win or report on should the unlikely event occur.

Perhaps a little potty humor for inspiration? Who doesn't appreciate potty humor? I suppose I could tell you about the dream I had the other night in which I took a massive dump. Huge. Felt ten pounds lighter. My brother-in-law would have been proud. In fact...I remember telling myself in the dream that I needed to take a picture to send to Ed. But....that's kinda gross....and to be honest...I don't want people analyzing my shit or the shedding of my detritus.

Photography? Eh....amateur at best. And...well...we've already covered closet kink. Oh...but hey....I accel at blurry shots of my fingers. I could post a collection of those...

Which...brings us to art. I was married to an artist. I'll just leave it at that.

Let's face it.... Not an ounce of creativity in these bones. I'm an accountant. Accountants are boring. Shit....I'm surprised we don't come with the following label. Warning...sleep inducing agent. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment in the company of an accountant. Seriously. Took me the longest time to figure out why the cute boy kept turning up the radio every time we got in the car. I thought he was trying to tune me out...but I don't talk much. Then it finally dawned on me....he's trying to stay awake. Poor thing.

I'm thinking of changing my name. Something a bit more representative of me....

Miss Mundane.

Stay tuned... I hear she's extraordinarily boring.

Monday, May 07, 2007

feed me

I don't even know where to begin...

Four great sessions.

Two days.

Witness to some amazing rights (and stand up barrels) by gaz & the christian.

A pre-session beating that almost resulted in a tantrum, pitched board and two hour drive back to the city.

Zippy lefts.

Long board love.

Zippy rights.

Bloody knuckles.

Laid back long board evening.

Early morning lefts.

Lost eye.

Fin gash/bruise to the foot.

A paddle to Timbuktu.....that scored head high long lefts and powerful rights....in the company of a cute boy.

Early morning commute traffic that consisted of an elk herd.

I'm beat.



Still grinning.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I knew as soon as my alarm went off....it would be one of those days.
I could hear the rain through the open door...

I could feel it coming...

The usual...argument.


I'll have to get back to you...


A friend informed me today that she was diagnosed with incurable cancer.
She's been referred to the best...

I would like to have this day over.

Except for this...

Pillaged by legomen.

Foot wars with my guy.

this part of today....I'll keep.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

two peas...

...in a pod.

S....the other half that makes up my twin-ness.

I'm sporting the specs. She's sporting the six-month-old. This pic is couple years old.

She doesn't surf. Always giving me some lame excuse about big bitey fish. No problem....I don't ski. Okay...not entirely true. I snowboard...occasionally.

In a funk for a few days....I rang her up.

Our conversations are riddled with laughter...over absolutely nothing. And are often so obscure....even the most astute eves-dropper wouldn't know what the hell we were giggling about. Our parents gave up years and years ago at ever trying to crack our code. Instead....they resigned themselves to receiving our conversations in duplicate. No...not finished sentences. My parents were blessed. They got our conversations...twice. Instant replay. I would say something. Not five minutes later S would walk into the room and say the exact same thing. Then I would accuse her of being a twin...which always started the giggle-fest.

Anyway........today's conversation.....no different.

N: Hey....what's up?

S: Not much. Where are you?

N: At work.

S: What're you doing? (starts laughing)

N: Avoiding work. (starts me laughing) ....what's the name of the guy that was in...shit, can't remember the name of the movie...? (giggling) ....gets out of prison....looking for the guy that killed his daughter? Lots of gratuitous violence.... (extra giggles)

S: Terence (giggles) Stamp. The Limey. (more giggling)

N: Crap....I can never remember his name. Thanks.

S: Why?

N: No reason....just couldn't remember. Okay...back to work.

S: Later...(still giggling)

Yep....felt much better after that conversation. (giggles)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

speaka duh english

50 meter pool


600 swim (choice)
400 pull

4 x [200 ez @ 4:00/ 4 x 50 @ 1:00 - breast; 0:55 - fly; 0:50 - back; 0:45 - free]

10 x 50 pull ez @ 1:05

200 kick ez

total = 3500 meters

No stoke for stroke.

Stroke sprints suck.

Fly sprints suck.

Especially when you're out of shape.


Can you hear it.......?

The ever-so-faint sound.........of a piano dropping.

See it?

Focus in on the 33.33 meter mark....you can't miss it.

Yeah.....the stroke set kicked my ass yesterday.

That's all you need to know.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


No spare eyes (after last week's contact debacle) and 25mph wind gusts kept me out of the water Sunday...which totally sucked. But...paddling out would have been an exercise in futility. (Just standing on the beach in the wind was a problem. Too much blinking...out would come an eye.) So..I took advantage of the gorgeous weather (minus the biting wind) to do a little yoga on the beach and hike the cape. Also got to play amateur photog with my new camera.

Sy & Thor...inside runners.

Unknown...unable to outrun the section.

Top o' the cape.

Backside blowout.
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