Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I...WE...had an interesting start to the new year.

came face to face with
the (one of many) town crazy.

I had walked to the mart for 13 bean soup fixens....beans, onion, tomato, cilantro.
I already had the ham hock.

on my way home...
I stopped to take a couple pics of the geese
that were occupying the Martella Farm pasture land

next thing I know....
some guy is yelling at me
coming up the street at me
with a big stick in his hand

I look around...
' know
he couldn't possibly be talking to me


he's coming at me
yelling at me
telling me
I can't take pics


i'm standing in the street
public street...that is
taking pics
of geese

needless to say...
he came right up to me
shaking his stick
telling me to leave

scared the crap out of me

I thanked him...and left.

what was I going to do...
throw a can of tomato & green chili at him?

I hurried home
trying to gain my composure before walking in the door

no such luck

I was in tears
at being scared
on a street
that I walk
all the time

not a good scenario
for the cute boy

I think I got out the words

"some guy"

he was out the door

at this point...
my imagination has gotten the better of me

do I call the sheriff to report the harassment?
call the sheriff to protect the crazy from
the wrath of gaz?

not to worry though...

the guy wouldn't come out of his cabin
while gaz screamed at him
threatening to pull him out
through the window and beat him silly

my hero
(chivalry is not dead)

the sheriff did come
I did give my report
and...being familiar with this particular guy
the sheriff
gave him a talking to

of course...

I'm still laughing at the irony of it all

small town drama
lack of meds
threats of violence

all for
a peaceful picture

of geese

ps.....we surfed today
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Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

The last day of 2009 fought its way to the end.

sustained winds of 40
gusts of 55
sideways rain
20ft @ 10 seconds

for most of the day
into the night

Our guests quietly arrived & left
before the storm hit.

Seven in total....

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