Thursday, February 17, 2011


Harley Frances Bean
Harley Princess
Miss Bean

I got her from a pet store...18 years ago

a Siamese mix...chatty & social 
(always on her terms)

18 years

chatting barfing purring chirping biting bitchiness rubbing scratching playing napping

I held her as her energy slipped away...sighing her last sigh

for all my complaining about having to clean up (and step in) barf....I did it daily for 18 years

from the time she was a kitten...she would sleep on me
on my be specific
she'd climb up onto the bed shortly after I crawled in
and settle on my legs
I'd move...she'd readjust herself back onto my legs
her...right back on
a dance step that was repeated several times nightly
eventually I'd give up & fall asleep with miss bean perched in her happy place purring away

I crawled into bed last night
without my dance partner
and cried myself to sleep

Bean had the most amazing blue eyes

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