Thursday, February 17, 2011


Harley Frances Bean
Harley Princess
Miss Bean

I got her from a pet store...18 years ago

a Siamese mix...chatty & social 
(always on her terms)

18 years

chatting barfing purring chirping biting bitchiness rubbing scratching playing napping

I held her as her energy slipped away...sighing her last sigh

for all my complaining about having to clean up (and step in) barf....I did it daily for 18 years

from the time she was a kitten...she would sleep on me
on my be specific
she'd climb up onto the bed shortly after I crawled in
and settle on my legs
I'd move...she'd readjust herself back onto my legs
her...right back on
a dance step that was repeated several times nightly
eventually I'd give up & fall asleep with miss bean perched in her happy place purring away

I crawled into bed last night
without my dance partner
and cried myself to sleep

Bean had the most amazing blue eyes

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nursemyra said...

My beloved Burmese, Pablo was sent to sleep at the age of 16 just three weeks ago. I am heartbroken.

alonewithcats said...

Sigh. I'm so sorry for your loss, Twinny. Harley Frances Bean was a beautiful girl, and I'm sure she got her good looks from you.

Isabel climbs into bed with me every night and eventually finds a comfy spot on my head. People are always asking me, "How can you sleep like that?" But the real question is, after all these years: "How could I sleep without that?"

Once you grow accustomed to the dance, it's so heartbreaking when the music stops.

spider said...

n, i am so very sorry. our pets are with us for such a long time and love us unconditionally. they leave a huge hole once they go..

pabs said...

my condolences on your loss...any loss of something so dear to you can be hard to understand, but the memories of the life shared, despite the "barfy" moments, will hopefully ease your pain. Surfing helps to heal too. :-)

twin said...

Thank you...all.

I knew it was coming....for the last year. I kept telling myself though....bean is a tough old bitch, she'll be around for a few more years. I still find myself waking in the a.m. & walking to the kitchen to give her fresh water & food....confused why she's not squawking at me.

I miss her...

Gaz said...

I was this close to a Monty Python moment at the Humane Society....... had I gotten there a few minutes earlier I could have brought back a new kitty for ya....... and a reverse "This parrot is dead! No it isn't it's just sleeping!" skit would have ensued.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah man. Sad shit.

I have a couple siamese too.

Cats are the best.

18 years is a good life!!!


Kono said...

Fuckin hell, i've had a shit day and now i see this, you know me, i'm a cat guy, i could tell you i'm sorry and send condolences (and i do) but it doesn't help, you still miss them, years later i still miss Pablo and Sylvia, tonight i will raise my glass and add Harley Frances Bean to that silent toast i sing in my head.

twin said...

Since I was a kid....8 or 9....I was bringing home stray kitties. (easy to do when you grow up on a small farm). this is the first time in my life....that I haven't had cats in my home. sigh....

first hot bath without Harley coming in to chat & sit on the edge of the tub was heart breaking...